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Laminate Floors

View our vast range of laminate flooring on our online shop or visit our flooring centre in Pontardulais Swansea.

Laminate floors are hard wearing and ideal for heavy use and families. It is available in a wide range of finishes and colours, from planks to hand finished, and from white to dark oaks.

Whatever you need to enhance the beauty of the rooms n your home you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

Beige Oak Laminate Floor

Beige Oak Laminate Flooring

Brown Oak Laminate Flooring

Grey Brown Oak Laminate

Grey Oak Laminate Flooring

Light Oak Laminate Floors

Medium Oak Laminate Flooring

Natural Oak Laminate Floor

Pine Laminate Floors

Sandblast Oak Laminate Flooring

White Laminate Flooring

Light Natural Oak Laminate

Slate Black Galaxy

Slate Dark

Ceramic white

Ceramic light

Ceramic dark

Tivoli Travertine

Natural Varnish Oak

White Vintage Oak

Natural Varnsh Merbau

Light Vintage Oak

Authentic Oak

Pacific Oak